The Cute, Cuddly and Convenient Way to Bathe Your Baby 

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Unlike traditional baby bath tubs, Blooming Bath is made from incredibly soft, plush materials — providing a safe, soft, and unbelievably adorable bathing experience for the most important person in your world.

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   What Parents are Saying

“We absolutely love the Blooming Bath! Not only is it ridiculously cute to see our daughter sitting in a giant flower for bath time, it is also so very comfortable for her. The Blooming Bath can be used in virtually any sink and also works great in a baby bath tub so babies of all ages would love it! When we bath our daughter in the Blooming Bath she is so happy and stays in the bath for much longer than she would have before we had it. We love how soft it is and how in cradles her so she’s super safe. We would recommend the Blooming Bath to anyone! Love it!” Parent Tested Parent Approved Award Winning Product 

“The Blooming Bath is so easy to use—when bath time is over, you just wring it out and hang it up with the loop on the backside, or throw it in the dryer for 10 minutes!” “It would make a perfect shower gift too!” 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the Blooming Bath?
The Blooming Bath baby bath is 32 inches from tip to tip. The center of the flower, where baby’s bottom rests, is 10 inches across in diameter.

What is the recommended age for the Blooming Bath?
The Blooming Bath is ideal for newborns to 6 months. But because babies range so dramatically in size, there are no set age or weight limitations. The Blooming Bath is held up by the sides of the sink so it is more a matter of whether or not your sink can comfortably and safely accommodate your baby. Many parents also use Blooming Bath with traditional plastic tubs to create a plush, soft, safe and fun experience.

Does the Blooming Bath hold water?
The Blooming Bath does not hold water. You will need to first insert the stopper inside the drain, then fill up the sink to the desired level and desired temperature before inserting baby. Never run water directly on your baby as water temperature can change quickly.

What materials are the Blooming Bath made with?
Blooming Bath is made from a super soft, plush polyester material on the top, the center is a high quality polypropylene foam and the back is made from a durable polyester mesh back.