Miracle Blanket – The World Famous Swaddling Blanket


Miracle Blanket baby swaddle is guaranteed to help any baby from birth to 14 weeks to both fall asleep and stay asleep longer.

The patented design and unique foot pouch allows baby to be swaddled with either one or both arms inside the Miracle Blanket.

Benefits of Miracle Blanket:

  • Helps Baby fall asleep and sleep longer
  • Helps keep baby on their back
  • Can calm crying and fussiness for baby
  • Provides a safe sleep alternative to traditional swaddling
  • Prevents twitching, startling, facial scratches & breaking out of swaddles
  • Helps make breastfeeding easier
  • Provides a healthy hip and leg environment with freedom of movement for proper development
  • Allows unique hand to heart, arms down, in or out swaddling
  • Suitable for babies 0-14 weeks
  • 100% cotton
  • The Miracle Blanket has a simple 100% – 30 day money back guarantee

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