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Product Description

LapBaby: Hands-free babywearing highchair, baby harness and weaning aid.

Designed in the UK, LapBaby is a hands-free belt that comfortably secures a baby in an adults’ lap leaving both hands free to eat, work, read/wean/play with baby or engage with another child.
Suitable for use from 3 months old (before high chair age), or as soon as baby can support their own head. LapBaby is soft and gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin, made from materials that are free from harmful chemicals and allergens.
LapBaby is light and portable so not only a baby essential at home, it’s perfect for travel especially cafes, aeroplanes and trains
LapBaby aids early childhood development activities – you can easily read, paint, build blocks, even play the piano with 2 hands. Baby is facing forwards exploring the world around them and can join in as they grow and develop.
Product features include an extendable and detachable wipe-clean lap cloth for those messy moments, plus a fabric clip to attach a toy, teether or soother – baby can keep their favourite toy close and not drop it on the floor.
The maximum adult waist size is 44 inches / 115cm, both adult and baby belts are adjustable.